Alexander Technique

'You translate everything you do, whether physical, mental or spiritual in muscular tension.'  F.M. Alexander

Mark came to the Alexander Technique in need of relief from back pain associated with piano and organ playing and found the lessons so practically useful and profound in scope that he began training to be a teacher of the Technique at The Constructive Teaching Centre and qualified in 2009. He then taught for several years at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts also giving talks and classes for Ludus Dance Company and Berkshire Choral International. He currently teaches privately from home in West London and continues to be fascinated by the wonders of FM Alexander's work particularly in relation to musicians and performers of all types.

'The technique doesn't teach you something new to do. It teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing; how to eliminate stereotyped responses; how to deal with habit and change. It leaves you free to choose your own goal, but gives you a better use of yourself while you work towards it.' Professor F.P.Jones

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F.M. Alexander